Sunday, January 9, 2011

thwo tots. two thoughts

1. apparently i am destined to be a teacher, because i was called as a relief society teacher today. i'm nervous but excited, and really want to sing a song called nervous but excited, but i will refrain for now. but seriously, i am looking forward to this, and i think it will be a great learning experience, and a great chance for me to get to know all the girls in my ward :) just call me teach!

2. can i just say how STOKED i am for this week?! i am substituting the ENTIRE week in my 4th/5th combo class! yay! i cant wait to see these kids, and the fact that i get PAID for it this time, is awesome! hooray! i have never been so excited to WORK!

okay, i lied. three thoughts, not just two....
3. elder christoffersons fireside tonight was amazing, and JUST what i needed to hear.

happy sunday!


  1. Nobody sings at college!

  2. exactly... she's not in college! haha just kidding:D And yes whitney... in your other post... i forgot to mention... you have very good taste in music....