Tuesday, January 25, 2011

premiums. deductables. and a bunch of mumbo-jumbo

YESTERDAY i got a job. a REAL teaching job! 4th grade baby! i jumped for joy! yelped a little bit and got super duperly over excited!
seriously, great news eh?
i feel pretty honored that out of all the applicants and interviewees, they picked me.
a freshly graduated 1st year teacher. wow-ee.
i celebrated with kym most of the day. we hit up the dollar movie (yummm. love me some chris pine). got some yummy lunch. then rented and watched what is quite possibly my new 3rd favorite movie. (i say that a lot dont i?) needless to say, it was a fabulous day, topped off with a silly fhe, and making a fool out of myself playing volleyball. awesome.

then at about 1:00 am. after i had been asleep for a good 45 minutes.
it hit me.

i have this huge responsibility now. this so called "adult" job.
i suddenly  got extremely anxious and started mind-planning things. why? i dont know. its not like i have been given curriculum maps or guidlines, or a run down of what these kids have covered already, or anything for that matter yet, but all these ideas kept flooding through. and there was no way to stop them. i kinda freaked myself out. wondering if i have things that i will need in my classroom, or if the kids will be naughty. or what if they are weird. and blah blah blah.
finally i calmed down.
and fell asleep
only to have psycho dreams of about 100 4th graders asking me question after question after question, about things i had no clue about. the 4th graders kept getting bigger and bigger and there were more and and more of them, and i kept shrinking. hum freaky much?

then i woke up and substituted in 6th grade.
and remembered that i really really really love teaching. and having my own classroom will be FABULOUS and i will be just fine.
and i got SUPER excited again. and all the teachers were SO excited for me 
and it was just great and dandy.

then i went to the district office and i signed about 13,325,324 papers.
and they handed me a ginourmous packet of insurance and benefits papers to fill out and return in 30 days.
and i looked at them funny.
and asked if i could call my mommy.

so i came home and watched ramona and beezus. ate a salad. and decided i would be an adult tomorrow when it was extremely necessary.

yay for LIFE!! love it! hahahaha


  1. ahhhhhh. CONGRATULATIONS! you will be so so super duper great. when do you start??

  2. "Miss Wards Class" hmmm...it has a darling ring to it. So proud of you my girl you will be their favorite teacher - I am sure!

  3. Yay! That's fantastic. You'll be great and I love that you asked to call your mommy. I would have too and then I would have cried. :)

  4. yay! Congratulations again! I'm so proud of you. And I love me some Chris Pine as well. He's a stud muffin haha

  5. pretty happy my sister:D
    Love you and miss you