Friday, January 28, 2011

something's watching over me, like sweet serendipity...

1. i forgot to post this, but i think its great... a few weeks ago when i was subbing in 4th/5th grade this was our math worksheet: ..........for those of you who dont know, my dad's name is Scott and my mom's name is Gina...awesome.

 2. my mom pointed out that i can cross "get my own classroom" off my bucketlist. wow-ee. i still can't believe this is happening! love it!

3. yesterday was my half birthday. sweet.

4. it dawned on me shortly after accepting my new job, that i would have to give up this...i don't really want to talk about it. i might burst into tears.

5. i had a dream about him last night. he was in a plane crash but called to tell me he was ok. i dont really know what that means...

6. currently looking for "Miss Ward's Class Store" donations. for more information, feel free to contact me via email, phone, or text ;)

7. i'm thinking i need a logan trip soon. i love that place. and miss it more than words

8. i seriously am obsessed with brendan james and every single thing he sings. ALSO can't stop listening to this song...lame music video, but happy song. ALSO this was pretty much the BEST audition ever :P

9. the other day i wanted to go on a little run/jog outside cause it was so nice...but it was late and pretty dark, and i thought to myself "i wish i had a dog so i could go running at night." does anyone else see how pathetic this is? shoot.

10. glee comes back in 9 days. just sayin...


  1. I totally understand the dog thing. I just wish my dog wasn't as fat as he was or as old so he could actually go running haha

  2. :D That American Idol audition was pretty funny. I think mom and I watched it a couple of times... haha
    And I'm pretty sure i like Brendan James so much more than you do:D hehe :D love you!