Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wait, whose subconscious are we going through exactly?

you complained, you win. my music no longer starts playing upon entering my blog. sheesh. it pains me greatly, and i honestly dont know how long it will last, but for now you win. please still go listen though, because i do have great taste in music if i do say so myself...

kasidy and i had an awesome conversation about literature the other day. im on a major jane austen kick again and i could slap myself for not bringing all my books back to the 84117.

you've got mail has always been one of my all time favorite movies. probably top two. serious. but, i understood the whole 'you've got mail' feeling until recently. bah! 

totally went to paris for the first time this week. haha. i wish. it was more like paris, idaho. but it was awesome none the less. the tabernacle is gorgeous, and i just liked saying that i was 'in paris'. magical.

i feel like a failure for never blogging about my awesome vegas vacation. (still need to watch that movie again). kym and her parents went to vegas right before christmas and it was stupendous. you should probably first read this because it gives you a glimpse of how stellar this was (can you see why i call her my best friend) but the whole trip was awesome! best part was...well everything, but highlights include but are not limited to: many fabulous meals, walking through saks, and bloomingdales, and several other stores where i'm sure we reeked of our unwealth, watching ramona and beezus in the hotel, hanging out with the wax figures, finally finding the H&M, and the the OTHER H&M. frozen hot chocolate, rain, shopping, PHANTOM, more shop wondering, watching 17 again twice, the dam tour, and just having a grand old time! ahhhhhh i want to go back!

kinggeorge is dying. i think i have to flush him tonight. sad. we have been through so much together...

"someday my Gil will come." serious. watched anne over christmas break and cried...definitely one of my favorite movies of all time, and i still am trying to achieve my lifetime goal of finding my own Gilbert.

speaking of 'all time favorite movies' i decided to list mine. and it is REALLY HARD. i know my #1 movie...but the only way i am finding  success, is to do top 5 by category. then i dont leave anything awesome out.

my teacher license was APPROVED today! woo hoo! now i have to find 50 some odd bucks to pay for it. how much more money are they going to rip from my hands?

suggestion: dont watch inception when you have had a headache all day. dont watch inception when you can't commit your full attention to just makes your headache worse. so...take two.

i feel like i have the same conversation with my friends every single day. probably because I DO have the same conversation with my friends every single day. oh life. and how it seems to slap us in the face all at once.

things i want to accomplish soon. *go to a jazz game. *go skiing. *get a job. *paint each of my fingernails a different color. *rearrange my room. *buy a bookcase. *have a barbara streisand movie marathon. *read mansfield park. *read north and south again. *find the perfect balance between staying up too late, and going too bed to early.

onward folks! hope your day is magical!

ps. are you impressed that i went a whole blog post without mentioning glee?
oh crap, i guess i did.


  1. 1. i'm in love with you've got mail. obviously.
    2. i'm in love with anne of green gables. the pbs fundraising marathons? i'd watch every time. i love love love those movies.
    3. i've been on a europe craze all week. i'm dying to be in paris. i watched sabrina last night. she's right. paris is always a good idea.
    4. i'm excited to see your list of movies.
    5. you do have good taste in music.
    6. that's all.

  2. i want to go to a jazz game!!!!!!!!

  3. I don't really like the term "fist bump" so mine will be a "hug from mom" -your post is delightful. I personally enjoyed when the music began without having to push another button. I think people like to whine.. it's your blog do as you please. And just in closing go to bed early it's amazing how good you feel and I will pause in silence for King George :(. Love you Missy.