Saturday, January 30, 2010

i laugh. because its funny!

i dont understand how people dont laugh,
i guess i am just a VERY easily entertained person.
actually i KNOW i am a very easily entertained person...
i will laugh at the stupidest things, simply because i ACTUALLY find them hilarious.
all i am saying is the movie When in Rome is hilarious
i laughed a lot.
i mean, a lot a lot.
it was just soooo great.
a bit cheesy, and definitely some really dumb parts
but i just thought it was adorable
and Amelia, Melissa and I just laughed our way through the WHOLE thing.
people probably stared and were most likely annoyed at us,
but i dont care
cause i bet you a million dollars i had a much better time
than ANY of them did.

souvenez-vous qui vous ĂȘtes
-whit sariah

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