Thursday, January 28, 2010

with like...a real job

2 days ago was my half birthday...
and in 6 months i will be 22
just randomly thought about that.
but it is a strange thought really.
cause soon after that i have to be a "real" "grown-up"
not just "grown up livin on my own"
but a REAL grown up
with like...a real job
this is so weird to me
especially this semester where we have been non-stop talking
about our strategies as teachers
and where i have started planning out my entire 1st day of school schedule
this is just strange!
i have been a student since i was 6 years old
and now i have to be the TEACHER
oh brother
im in for an adventure!
good thing i love what im doing!

p.s. i sure hope i can be a classy teacher like doris day...

souvenez-vous qui vous ĂȘtes
-whit sariah

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