Monday, January 25, 2010

this inspired me..

this is jason mraz's latest blog post on me a nerd, but i love what he has to say. i dont always agree with his "worldly views" but his posts always make me step back and think about what i belive in and what i find important in my life. This post is just great...think about what he has to say on this, the 25th of January 2010...

"I admit it. I am Twitterly Challenged. It is all too often I view the Twitter world forum as a streaming version of a bathroom wall – a place to pee, see, and share; a place of clever poetry, shout-outs, offers, introductions and slams. This kind of mentality doesn’t get me very far and my drivel is reduced to just that – toilet humor.

So I am constantly reinventing it as a medium in which to share resourceful, inspiring and/or humorous ideas. I make-up that it can be a condensed version of a TED conference if we choose it, and yet I also make-up in my mind that the majority of Twitterers post but don’t actually peruse. I make that up because I am one of those people. Indeed, Twitter is my men’s room wall and in 140 spaces or less, I place my Sharpee where my spirit is and seldom look back. God Bless all those who read it – who need it or not – And I pray you have a nice day.

Yesterday I Twitted – twittered – tweeted (which reminds me – I wish this powerful means of connection had been given a cooler name… like Stall Street Journal or something more suitable and snooze-able) So yesterday in the Stall Street Journal I wrote a few of my perspectives on the Snooze Button – that device which offers a 2% chance of returning to your dreams and a 98% chance of non-fulfillment on your real ones. This morning as I hit the snooze alarm again, I got present to what it really is: a Procrastination Button.

If you’re like me and you set the alarm an hour early because you know you’re going to hit the snooze and sleep longer – I invite you to explore where else in your life that mentality shows up for you. Do you put off doing projects until the last minute? Do you often oversleep your project deadlines? Are your dreams altered by your scattered attention to more than one reality? Do you blame the alarm clock for not performing its function successfully? Who else do you blame?

Wake up and smell your finger.

It’s Monday - The perfect day to make bold new declarations - The best week ever to check in on your New Year’s Resolutions and Commitments. What else could you take on this week to make your life and the life of others Great?

souvenez-vous qui vous ĂȘtes
-whit sariah


  1. Wow...I never knew how deep Jason Mraz is. And I can totally relate. Thanks for posting this Whit!

  2. Well the whole Procrastination button makes me really regret it. Oh man now I have to rethink my life in that perspective.

    Also how did you change your comments box to commentaires?