Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Won't you take me where the streetlights glow

brilliant. simply brilliant
here is one in better quality,
i just cant get the embedded code

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah


  1. i kind of love coldplay. quite a lot.

  2. Whit you are so dear to me. coldplay hmmm...reminds me of your high school days- chase wasden, danielle, mckay and the whole motley crew. I love your friends and you..it has been a joy being your mom what fun, laughter, and sleepless "giggly" nights you have brought!

  3. BEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER! coldplay is my favorite right now, next only to glee. always has been. :) :) love love. this is so brilliant i love it.